Sleepyhead has to bow out of Saturday's show...

We are so sorry to say that due to an unforeseen family issue, we can't make it to New York this weekend for the big show. We promise we'll be back as soon as we can! And of course, the show will go on, so follow the "Shows" link to get more info about seeing three AMAZING bands: The Special Pillow, Bob Carol Ted, and Sloppy Heads!

Playing Brooklyn Saturday, February 4 and other news...

We haven't played in a while, but that changes next Saturday, February 4 at The Gutter in Brooklyn! We've been working on songs for a new album, and have recorded a batch of them already. Sometime soon, we're going to get back in the studio and record some more, so that new album will hopefully be out in early 2018. (That would beat our last gap between albums by 11 years!) ALSO, it won't be long until the 2017 double-vinyl and first-time-ever digital reissue of our second and third albums, 1994's Starduster and 1996's Communist Love Songs, the latter of which will see a vinyl release for the first time ever! There's even going to be an awesome booklet with lots of founding bassist Mike Galinsky's photos and liner notes by Mike, Rachael, and Chris. The reissue is coming courtesy of the fabulous Drawing Room Records! Click on "Shows" for details.

Back to the studio!

We promised ourselves we would NOT wait so long between releases, and we're keeping our word. We're heading back to the amazing Q Division Studios next month to start recording! And we're working on booking some fall dates - more on that soon.

Record Store Day in Providence, RI!

Last year on Record Store Day, we were in Louisville, KY at the fabulous Guestroom Records. This year, we'll be at the equally excellent What Cheer Records + Vintage on Saturday, April 18. We LOVE Providence, having lived and rehearsed there for a summer in the earliest days of Sleepyhead. We're looking forward to coming back to play for the first time since Wild Sometimes was released last year. We've got lots of new tunes to play, too, and are going to start recording album #6 this summer. Support your local record store!!! Check the "Shows" page for details.

Great review on the Jersey Beat and some more upcoming shows...

We just saw this lovely review over at the Jersey Beat:

And we just added a few new shows! (

We'll be at Cuisine en Locale in Somerville, MA for our record release party on Saturday May 24 with our longtime Providence pals the 'Mericans getting the night off to a rockin' start. To make this event extra special, Cuisine En Locale will be serving up some delicious BBQ! Mark your calendars, and we should have a link for tickets up soon.

Also, we will be playing in the great state of Vermont for the first time ever on Saturday, June 7! It will be at The Skinny Pancake in Burlington with Let's Whisper, Heathers, and The Spook School. And it looks like The Skinny Pancake serves Heady Topper, so I'm not quite sure why anyone within a 90 mile radius of Burlington should have any excuse to miss this one!

Keep checking back here for more shows! We plan on doing a bunch of east coast dates later in the summer!

Sleepyhead makes Magnet a mixtape!

Magnet asked us to make a mix tape and here is the result. We remember when these were actually on cassettes! This was incredibly fun to do - thanks Magnet!

Sleepyhead's Magnet Mix Tape

Also, our tour kicks off tomorrow night in Lexington, KY! Check out our "Shows" page for more details on our upcoming tour dates:


Wild Sometimes is out!!!!!

The first Sleepyhead album since 1999 is out!!!

You can order the CD (with BEAUTIFUL art by Tara Key and AMAZING graphic design by Sheila Sachs and FABULOUS liner notes by Stephen Burt and a GREAT photo by Kelly Davidson) here:

Buy CD from Carrot Top Records

You should be able to find the CD in lots of other places soon, too. If your local record store doesn't have it yet, just ask! (We love it when you support your local record store!)

It's available on iTunes and Amazon and many other online places, too.

The vinyl, which will include a code for a free download, is coming soon!!

We've added a few more live dates here:

Please please please share!!!

Sleepyhead wakes up!

So... Where were we? It's been 15 years since we last released a new record, but that's going to change on April 8, 2014, when Wild Sometimes comes out on Carrot Top Records! While we've been playing a bit here and there over the years, we are very excited to be getting back to playing a whole lot more often. (We even are working on new songs that will end up on our sixth record, which we promise will happen sooner rather than later!) We have a bunch of shows booked over the next two months, and more will be announced soon. Check out the shows page to see where we're headed. And check back here for updates. We hope to see you at an upcoming show, and please be sure to pick up the new record when it comes out!!